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#10. St. George 's Abbey in the Black Forest 1/10  
The monastery was founded in 1084-85 in the Black Forest, by the source of the Brigach, against the background of the Investiture Controversy, as a result of the community of interests of the Swabian aristocracy and the church reform party, the founders being Hezelo and Hesso of the family of the Vogte of Reichenau, and the politically influential Abbot William of Hirsau.
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Price: $2.5 billion NASA had visited Mars but never like this. Curiosity, which landed in Gale Crater in August, is a 1-ton, SUV-size Mars car with more scientific instrumentation-10 times as much, by weight-than ever sent to the Red Planet before. But it was how it got there that really made the machine sublimely cool: the rover was lowered to the ground on cables by a hovering capsule, touching down balletically in preparation for two years of exploration.

The cheetah hides among sand and long grass, concealed from its unsuspecting prey. This photo was taken in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa.

Be really careful what you ask for. Everyday there is a new way of shortening sentences on texts so I would suggest getting to know all of the lingo so you will not have one of these moments.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Maybe that's because you're not allowed to buy drinks for more than three people at a time. Yes, it's true -- that's an actual Nevada law!




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