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#10. St. George 's Abbey in the Black Forest 1/10  
The monastery was founded in 1084-85 in the Black Forest, by the source of the Brigach, against the background of the Investiture Controversy, as a result of the community of interests of the Swabian aristocracy and the church reform party, the founders being Hezelo and Hesso of the family of the Vogte of Reichenau, and the politically influential Abbot William of Hirsau.
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Last year, approximately 100,000 more people moved out of the state than move into it according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

British look that incorporates all-white interior walls, floors, and ceilings accented with vintage items resting on distressed furniture. Soft pastels bring focus and offer a more feminine feel to the design.

Boy: I miss you too Girl: Don't think I'm weird but I'm sleeping with that shit you left in the bathroom It smells like you and it makes me feel better when you're not here! Boy: WHAT?! If you're trying to be cute or funny it's not working Girl: Oh my God!!!! *SHIRTS*

$140 million Inflation adjusted price: $161,4 million (#2) Private sale, 2006. Seller: David Geffen. Buyer: Unknown (rumoured to be Mexican businessman David Martinez) Right now, this stunning "drip" by Jackson Pollock is the most expensive contemporary painting ever sold, though the exact price was never confirmed (but the price displayed here is generally accepted to be true). The exorbitant sum demonstrates not only the strenght of the Art market, but also the increasing interest for the contemporary works of Art.

Imagine crowd surfing on lots of little red, spongy balls? Judging by the look on this woman's face, it must feel divine! The red balls adjust to your preferred comfortable position in order to support your back and posture properly. We all need one of these after a long day of work! Not sure how it would match the other furniture though...




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